About Hubalabike

Hubalabike is the place for cyclists to discover & share content from all over the Web. From the most popular online destination to the still unknown blog, Hubalabike shares what’s best in cycling on Internet.

Basically, Hubalabike is a platform for the cycling community, where to gather news, pictures and videos about what we are passionate by. Looking at the news through the lens of a global sharing Hub makes it easy to find something interesting and unique.

How does it work?

Hubalabike builds a list of the new stories published on Internet, and promotes their original links to readers. Every website considered has to be linked to a category, and readers can choose which of these they are interested in.

Where does it come from?

The news promoted on Hubalabike come directly from the cycling community! The best links found on Internet are shared on Hubalabike, and gain exposure virally. Have you found an interesting website about cycling? Hubalabike is the place to take news further and spread them quickly among a vibrant community of cyclists.


« I have always been passionate by almost every cycling activity. And every time I want to keep posted I have to switch between hundreds of websites. My idea is to gather all the news on one central point, to build my personal feed of cycling news. So this is the beginning of my personal selection of blogs, all the best of cycling, from all over the Web. »